I have been receiving a myriad comments from my peers questioning my reasons for not voting. I explain to them my reasons for not participating in this mockery of an election we call history. This election was one to remember. One that our sheepish ancestors will look down upon and say “really?” An election I truly could not participate in due to my robust values, none of which were included in each elect’s platforms.

His first platform included trade. Trump creates war and not peace. Thus, accusing China of manipulating currency. You’d think it would stop there; it doesn’t. With opposing partnerships with Japan, Trump then argues foreign policy changing the visual of a world without nuclear weapons. The healthcare platform completely ended my interest in the campaign calling it a, “complete and total disaster.” Good news! For American business, Trump promised a tax revolution. Committing that these business will only have to pay 15 percent of its profits in tax, compared to the current 35 percent. Still, the Supreme Court split court decision leaves us with a vacant Supreme Court justice spot.

Trumps most passionate argument throughout the entirety of the debate is to get rid of immigrants. The dreaded wall, a structure used to divide an area of land, savages from the civilized, inmates from the officers, and so on.

Lastly, calling global warming a hoax created by China, Trump intends to cancel the Paris Climate Agreement. Which is an agreement with the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change that deals with greenhouse gases, adaptation and finance that starts in the year 2020. This would strengthen the global response to this threat climate change has on the global temperature, which has been on a rise for the past century.

So folks, to answer your question about my voting contribution, no I did not vote and I will never settle and vote for anyone that has different opinions than the ones I believe in.

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