It’s Not Over Yet

Nothing like experiencing the best Super Bowl of all time. Super Bowl LI made an unforgettable impact in the sporting world. The worldwide event had millions of fans watching. Although the Super Bowl may be over, the money and attention that came with it is not. Take the fourth largest city and most diverse ethnic group in the United States and combine it with over one hundred thousand visitors, and you have a successful money income, a financial jackpot.

According to the Super Bowl committee, the city is estimated to have brought in over four hundred million dollars for new spending in the greater Houston area. The committee’s Pre-Event estimate analysis brings up more outstanding numbers which will help boost the economic standpoint that will support over five thousand jobs. Despite the Super Bowl having high expenses this year, renovations to the George R Brown Hotel, a hotel with over one thousand rooms and a lazy river shaped like Texas, and an expansion for Discovery Green to include many interactions by the NFL and Fox Sports, the effects were highly worth it.

The numbers listed by the Super Bowl committee does not include the many people who charged $10,000 or $15,000 to rent out their houses for Super Bowl weekend. The many small business owners also made a killing by selling their products that weekend. “The Super Bowl is the kind of an event that creates a lasting legacy,” said Ric Campo, the Super Bowl host committee chairman. “One reason we hosted the Super Bowl was to use it as a platform to convey to the world that Houston is a diverse city that has proven it can host the biggest events. And those events create a lot of value for the city.”

Lady Gaga was not the only attraction that brought in people to see the grand event. Houston has a dynamic range of tourism sites for many out-of-towners. Their museum district is featuring one of the most celebrated science museums in the nation, as well as a zoo that includes over five hundred animals. Both which received attention from the Super Bowl crowd. The city reports that 1.3 million people visited the new and improved Discovery Green Park located right across from the George R. Brown Convention Center. With a prime-time television coverage of the beautiful NRG and surrounding area, any food venue from McDonalds to Mid-town and Downtown received an influx from the event. Houston’s Mayor Sylvester Turner even says he will be willing to host the NFL’s biggest night again in 2020.

No doubt, the future is looking bright for Houston .


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