Ani DiFranco: Artist Extraordinaire

Ani Difranco is a feminist icon, singer, song writer, poet and activist that is considered by some to be a living legend. Her genre style includes a diverse sound of folk rock, alternative and punk. Her voice captures many around the world, like a snip of a record from the past. Her rhythmic lyrics capture a poetic crowd, garnering even more after every new release. Difranco is one of the first artists to create her own record label. In 1990, the DIY movement began and she expanded her eminence.

Ani Difranco has been an inspiration to many for the past two decades, having worked with many known artist, from Bob Dylan to Prince, creating memorable tours and performances. This inspiration makes her a unique artist in the industry, inspiring the likeness of independent art instead of corporate agendas. Although she has met and worked with many legends herself, it seems that her person has been overlooked over the passing years. With her alluring aura determined to let known what she stands for, through her music, I believe her presence should be recognized and appreciated once again.

Not only is she a performer for the masses, she is an activist on the street. Ani Difranco has been known for her dominant songs, with challenging messages. Her recent song, “Play God”, came out in 2016 discussing her thoughts on reproduction rights. Her solid words “I feel like I’ve earned my right to choose. You don’t get to play God, man I do.” states her rebellious attitude. An attitude she carries out through many of her songs, a powerful one that is memorable, and one that leaves a statement.

That is what Difranco does with her music, leave a statement. Her prints are made not only for her voice, but for her fans around the world. She shares her sound, and that is what keeps many at her feet. Difranco has done a few tours, her recent performances here in the states, with a few planned in Europe. But wherever she goes, her performances triumph, ultimately encouraging women to use her music to encourage them, to want to change and lift out of female injustices.

In the past couple of years, she has released the albums “Which Side are you on?” in 2012, “Allergic to Water” in 2014 and she will be releasing a new album “Binary” this year. With excitement from her old fans for the new release, new listeners can share in it as singles begin to release. With all this, Difranco keeps her carelessness for financial success, and adoringly thrives in the music industry for simply the love of making music.

Ani Difranco is a lively woman with much to give to the world, and she is not done with her career yet, and so I expect much more from her in the coming years. Ani Difranco has something to offer to anyone with any background with the words of her very own music. That is her legacy.

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