For Honor Review

In For Honor you are able to choose from one of three factions that the game centers around: Vikings, Knights and Samurai. In this combat-styled, strategy based game, any mistake that you make can lead to your demise. Quick precision and alertness is a must when coming into this game. An enjoyable campaign with quality storytelling, interesting characters, and the competitive environment that can be found in the multiplayer aspect of the game, For Honor is a game that many can find themselves playing for hours on end.

As stated before, you are able to select which faction you wish to support, but that does not restrict the player to the type of character they wish to play. The free reign to play whom you find most comfort in brings a sense of relief. Stick to one class or experiment with others. That’s where the magic and replayablity of For Honor comes from, especially in multiplayer.

Each of the factions features four fighters that are playable: your standard warrior or knight with a longsword and shield (Vanguard), a fast-paced attacker (Assassin), a Heavy class and then a hybrid of the last two. Most of these characters are available to play as male or female, but the other two are restricted to their designated gender.

Each of these characters have their own unique set of abilities and combinations that you can use to your advantage in combat, and the fluid motion throughout combat makes every character unique and enjoyable to play when locking into “duel mode.” You can block incoming attacks in the direction the attack is coming from, which is done by looking at an indicator of which they will be swinging. With this simple mechanic comes a complex combination of counters, guardbreaks, dodges, parries, heave and light attacks, combo chains, recoveries, stuns, throws, environmental kills and gruesome, but satisfying, executions.

The campaign of the game is set in throughout three different chapters, each one representing a faction’s story that revolves around groups of people in a brutal war. Often times when going through the campaign there was a sense that the character I was playing seemed too powerful and was able to push through chapters too quickly. There was an overpowering presence whenever the player character stepped onto the field of war. Of course this is balanced by difficult boss fights from each faction. These fights towards the end of the chapter puts your knowledge and skills to the test.

The story mode and multiplayer aspects of the game are two separate entities on itself. You are not able to level up your heroes from multiplayer if you play the story mode. Although, leveling up your “Story Level” on story mode opens up different Feats (abilities) you can use in missions. This can be disappointing to many, and it was to me whenever I found out about this. I only used two distinct Feats in the game since I found them to be the most useful in my style of combat.

Replaying missions is a must if you want to earn more story mode XP and to unlock other Feats. On top of this, collectables and observables add more replay value to the game and can be found on any difficulty you wish to play on.

The option to play co-op story mode through online is available if you’re looking to have a fun time with friends. You are able to play through the entire story mode with the help of another player, a good idea if you’re looking to beat the game on the Hard or Realistic difficulty level. Both you and your friend will receive the same rewards, XP and Steel (obtained from collectibles) after completing a mission. A well-balanced system through cooperation.

When playing story mode, you obtain Gear Boxes which are accessible when you find collectables in story missions and by completing the story mode on harder difficulties. Gear Boxes allow you to obtain better equipment and weapons for your characters in battle. When reaching higher Reputation levels in multiplayer, you are able to find better gear with better stats.

What For Honor does well in is the amount of work and detail that went into the environment and surrounding scenery. Attention to character detail was well defined and every stage that the player was thrown in felt believable. Snow fell onto the ground with such delicacy, leaves on tree branches could be distinguished from afar and battlefields drove that feeling of war into the player. With the amount of work put into the environment of the game, there was never a time where frame-lag or loading issues was experienced during gameplay on a PS4.

For Honor is a great experience for the medieval-times due to its online notoriety. You will always be on your feet every moment in the game. At first difficult to new players, but with enough time and practice in the game, many will enjoy what For Honor has to offer. Patience and diligence is must in this game that you should not pass up.

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