Political Theater

When it comes to following politics, I am new to it. I just started watching the presidential debates in 2012. Even then I vaguely paid attention. Even when presidents took over all the channels, I just turned off the television. Whenever President Trump became the Executive Chief of America, I knew I could not miss out on this opportunity to follow history.

Since tracking our President- elect, I found myself at times feeling amused. For example, when Trump was holding a rally, he allowed some man come on stage. The individual was ecstatic; he gave a few words about how great Trump was, and then walked off arms raised. The crowd was eating it alive; Trump knew what he was doing. I could be wrong but how often does someone from the crowd get that close to a President without having to go through some kind of clearance. There were times when the people in attendance were paying zero attention and then when there was an applause they’d join in. Hilarious.

When it comes to actual politics, I believe he does not know much about the topic. V.P Pence and President Trump are adamant about getting rid of Obamacare, telling Americans it left millions without healthcare or jobs. If this is true, by all means change our healthcare plan, but what is it going to be? Every time they say, “We going to get rid of Obamacare!” and those in the crowd start cheering, I feel perplexed. So what is the new strategy? Are there any details we can get about the new plan? It just seems as if, all we are hearing is how things are going to be different, giving the same speeches he gave during the presidential campaign.

The quarrel between Trump administration and the media seems to grow daily. I am just surprised of how the media finds new information almost daily; from Trump’s executive actions, to his possible relations with Russia, or his infatuation with meatloaf. Yes meatloaf. The media continually attacks Trump for calling the media coverage of his administration “fake news.” Every day I see a segment about Trump bashing the news media like he is the first President to dislike the media. The reporters I feel take it more personally, which makes it more humorous because not everybody trusts the news. Then on news stations like, CNN, they have specialist go back and forth with one another debating Trump and his first hundred days. Personally, hearing others views is needed, but it should not be the majority of what the viewers hear, but I digress. These specialist debate over various topics and I am just watching it too see who is going to drop the professionalism first.

My favorite part about Trumps presidency is the coverages of these town hall meetings. When did these meetings start becoming major news? Angry Americans demanding their congressman to do what is right, even children are getting in on the action. In Texas many of the congressmen are not planning to meet with their constituents because they’ve seen what their co-workers in other states have been dealing with. Apparently it was the same for former President Barack Obama in 2009; town halls packed with concern and upset U.S citizen. It is too soon to say but, if history repeats, the hype around these meetings will disperse and a new topic facing the Trump administration will take the forefront; keeping viewers’ attention.

I understand we are living in different times for some difficult, a time that leaves me in some disbelief that this is the life I live in now, but you just have to deal with life how it is. The problems this country face should not be taken lightly but, to believe that a celebrity without any experience was given the opportunity to fix those issues, is just hard to believe.

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