Supporting vs. Honoring the President

As someone who strongly disagrees with a large amount of President Donald Trump’s policies and ideas, it is difficult for me to respect him as my president. I often times see memes (satirical images looking to make fun of something) on the internet about how Trump is “not my president,” death threats and filthy trash talk from both sides. Upon first seeing them, agree with what some of these images say. However, I quickly remember that Donald Trump is the elected President of the United States of America and a human being. To enjoy the rights and freedom I have been so blessed to be born into, I agree to follow the laws and be a respectful, responsible citizen. I believe that this includes honoring the president, even if I do not support his decisions.

I cannot support the racial divide he has promoted in this country. I do not agree with his ban preventing refugees from predominantly Muslim countries from entering our country. The lack of respect for human life that does not include his set group of people is upsetting to me. However, he is still my president, and I honor his position. Also, as much as I dislike his policies, I do not hope for his failure as I do not want to see our country fail.

While I believe that there are candidates better suited for his job, I realize that he is the one currently that was elected into office, and I respect that. When I pledge allegiance to our flag, I am pledging to be loyal to my country, including the person running it. My intense pride for our country is not affected by the person elected to be in charge. I strive to be respectful to our president, just as I was to President Obama and the previous presidents in my lifetime. This does not mean that I do not share funny memes about him on Facebook, or voice my concerns and disagreements with his decisions as it is my right to freedom of speech. However, I do not call for his death, failure or degrade him just as I would for any other human being.

I appreciate the work that he puts into our country and the desire he possesses to better it. I admire his passion, even if it is not directed towards a better judgement. I recognize that he is the current leader of the United States, and I respect that, as is my duty as a citizen of the United States. However, this does not mean that I will not advocate for the rights of others. I will continue to fight against the policies I believe are unfair. I refuse to allow him to not be constrained by check and balances. I will hold him to the same standard as any other president. This also means that I will respect him, honor him, and view him as a fellow human being elected to represent our country. I respect his position, so I will respect him.

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