Sampha’s Debut: Process

Sampha released his debut album “Process” on February 3.

‘Process’ is a ten-song album filled with stirring emotional thoughts and potent sounds. Sampha has featured in many songs of some of our favorite artists, including Frank Ocean’s “Endless” and Kanye West’s “Saint Pablo” and collaborated with Solange, Drake, FKA Twigs and others. This is an exciting come-up for Sampha, and makes this a great album to check out this spring break! Sampha came out of the United Kingdom bringing an electronic-soul sound that will strike a chord with people.

Sampha introduced the album with “Plastic 100 C”. It begins with a melodic piano, like an opening of curtains. He gives the impression of a coffee session sound with soul-boosting lyrics and powerful notes through many of the songs on the album. But in his first song he decides to use his lyrics to mimic the idea of non-acceptance, “the closer I think you are, to seeing me whole, what if you don’t like what you see.” Though this is an abstract sound, it was an accepting one to introducing Sampha as an artist. Contradicting the successful future I believe he will have.

One of the well-known songs, “Blood on Me” is second on the album. Beginning with a catchy, old school sound, Sampha puts his audience in a sort of dream world, while a chase is at play. “I swear they smell the blood on me”, putting in perspective he has done a wrong, and his fear is his tone of the song. This “chasing” image gives the audience a thrill to listen through the rest of the album.

The next song, “Kora Sing” is an intimate compression of lyrics. Clearly expressing a mother figure. Like many of the other songs in this album, it is personal and captivating. Sampha describes a series of memories, painfully reminiscing about his mother. The lines also seems to be his dedication to her. The fourth song on the album is “No One Knows Me (Like the Piano)”, another ballad singing the appreciation for his mother. It was alongside his mother that the new artist found his voice. The song is a poetic confession and one of my favorites on the album.

Sampha’s album is a compilation of all things personal to him. The song “Reverse Faults” reflects Sampha’s image, another part of his intimate cloud. “There is a fault in my structure, and now there is broken glass praying to be healed.” His lyrics yet again emerge in the ears of his audience. Confessing his faults in himself, relating to his listeners, and letting them know he’s not perfect. A respectable introduction to his person, there is excitement to hear more from him.

The album wraps up a little with the apathetic songs of “Timmy’s Prayer” and “Incomplete Kisses”. Following “Take me Inside” a brilliant expression of thought of longing for someone to be free of him, and “Under”, an image of falling under a sea of his feelings. These songs are acting simply as additional moody strains. Though, Sampha’s fine voice and poetic sound merely comes to a closing of the album.

“What Shouldn’t I be?” is the last song. Sampha creates a clear image of expectation from his family but also the sense of who he wants to be. This gripping piece, ties up the rest of the album. His view of image, family and acceptance all make up this identity, an acceptable debut. Now that Sampha has laid out the “who” and “what” of himself as an artist, you should catch up with this stunning release before he moves on to greater things.

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