Drake’s More Life: Review

Drake’s new 22 song album, More Life, was released March 18.

This creative project made up for disappointing albums before it, featuring Fake Love and British beats. Longtime fans might have found their first listen a bit stressful, weighing past expectations, but it seems to have produced something unexpected and successful. The album has excited many since it was released over Spring Break. The collaboration of newly found artists and popular favorites are mixed in with Drake’s original rap sound, grasping listeners and making this album a must listen.

“Free Smoke” is the first song of the lengthy album. It is an introduction compiled of his traditional openers of Meek Mill disses and a revealing reference to his affair with Jennifer Lopez. The song sets the tone for the rest of the album with a hype feel, a new sound for the rapper with instrumental melodies throughout. With a hesitant mood moving into the opening seconds, listeners are relieved and the opening captures attention.

As the album continues there is a steady exceptional vibrancy. The eighth song, “4422” featuring Sampha, brings a downtime to the album.  A calm melodic strain, the song is a soulful tune mixed in with drake’s rap verses; the compilations results in one of the best tracks. But the album kicks back up with “Gyalchester”, continuing an upbeat flow in the album. The song is a bold set of verses claiming Drake’s spot as the best in hip hop.

“Portland” is the eleventh song on the album featuring Quavo and Travis Scott. A whistle hip hop beat opens the song, holding on to the listeners and keeping the album from slipping into monotony. Like most of the album, it is filled with surprising measures that provided surprising diversity in sound. A diverse set of rap styles from the three artists makes this an especially attractive track. The collaboration entertains the listeners and prolong their attention, an important faculty on such a long album.

“Teenage Fever” comes in as the fourteenth track. Drake’s sentimental love song is in tune with a sample of Jenifer Lopez’s “If you Had My Love” making it another favorite. The song is about Drake’s previous relationship but his stamina of moving on to another one. Fans of this song will have it playing on their playlist for a while.

“Glow” featuring Kanye West is the eighteenth song on the album. Kanye’s smooth rap talent makes this track a flowing song of catchy verses. Drake’s input makes this song a favorite, setting up an R&B and Rap showcase. This song brings the album close to the ending, and the unique effort in this track is at work throughout the album, featuring British artists and others to a poignant end.

More Life has been a successful project that fulfills the excitement in many Drake fans wanting more. With past disappointments in Views, this album has proved Drake has regained inspiration. This lengthy release set down a higher expectation for the artist, let’s hope he succeeds in exceeding it in his future projects.

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