The Rise of Yoga Pants

Fashion trends come and go on weekly basis. One week the common area may be flooded with the newest trendy hat and by the next week those same, once highly demanded hats could be out and chain necklaces in.

Although one such trend, yoga pants, may never go out of style.

Yoga pants have taken over college campuses by storm. It simply doesn’t seem possible anymore to walk down the common area without running into at least one female wearing such articles of clothing.  Many people tend to refer to yoga pants as leggings informally.

But why are yoga pants so popular and in demand? There seem to be a few reasons for this sudden takeover.

Firstly, these types of pants are incredibly versatile. Not only can you wear leggings to your 8am class without anyone batting an eye, but you can also wear them throughout your daily activities and they never seem to be a hindrance.  Leggings are worn everywhere.  From class to the gym, gym to the store and the store to relaxing at home.

Because of their stretchy nature they are perfect for any occasion and give you full range of motion in your lower half. Jeans oftentimes fit tightly and don’t fully allow one to stretch the legs past a certain position.  With yoga pants there is no need to worry whether or not you can bend down to pick up the pencil you just dropped.

Secondly, leggings come in a variety of colors and have very easy maintenance. Gone are the days when you are forced to wear an outfit in which the pants do not match the shirt.  It is almost a guarantee that you can find a pair of leggings in the color you desire without much effort for looking.  Black leggings hide most stains that are picked up throughout the day.  This is a great advantage for the messy eaters of the world.

Thirdly, and most importantly, yoga pants are comfortable. They are just one step above pajamas.  Wearing pajamas in public is oftentimes frowned upon in pleasant society (unless you’re going to Wal-Mart).  To fix this pesky problem all you have to do it switch out your lounge pants for a nice stretchy pair of leggings.  Even better, you can start sleeping in yoga pants because they double as pajamas in a pinch.

It is clear to see why yoga pants have taken over the world of fashion in today’s fast paced world. When being comfortable comes first for most it is an easy choice to pick a day filled with leggings instead of confined to jeans or dress pants.

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