Trump Administration: Traitors

While Americans were waiting with baited breath over the American Health Care Act being up for vote in congress, an investigation into Trump and his administration’s ties to Russia began. Luckily for all Americans who are not in the two percent, the healthcare ban was scrapped, but we still have a president under investigation. This unprecedented move could only happen to someone as unconventional as Trump.

Last month, Attorney General Jeff Sessions was required to recuse himself because of his ties to Sergey Kislyak, the Russian Ambassador to the US. Additionally, Michael Flynn, the former NSA secretary was fired for his ties, and funding, by the Russian government. Flynn had direct ties to Putin as well. Additionally, Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law and senior advisor met with Kislyak. The Russian government has passionately supported Trump from the beginning, even hacking and interfering with the election, ensuring Hillary Clinton would not be elected President.

The Russians were responsible for recovering Clinton’s emails which effectively cost her the Presidency. Ironically, many Trump cronies, including Vice President Mike Pence have been found to have private email servers and having classified emails uncovered. Clinton was called on to be disqualified for being under federal investigation. However, the rules do not seem to apply to Trump.

James Comey, who declared Clinton innocent of wrong-doing, announced publically right before the election that they were re-investigating her. This never came to fruition, but the damage was done. Comey is also leading the investigation against Trump. After his announcement, he was seen leaving the White House, and carrying a new tone.

Vladimir Putin, who Trump has said he’s friends with, but has never met, came to power through his business ties. Russian oligarchs were responsible for his elections and rise to power. Some who have spoken out against Putin, and journalists who wrote about his corruption have ended up being murdered or dying under suspicious circumstances. One of the most notable was the murder of Alexander Litvinenko, by a tea kettle laced with polonium-210, a radioactive chemical element. Others have been shot in broad daylight. Trump responded to a question by Fox News asking about his support of Putin saying, “There’s a lot of killers, you think our country is so innocent?” This in and of itself is a treasonous statement by a President.

Paul Manafort is probably the most notable connection between Trump and Putin. Manafort has been a close business partner of Trump, helping him do business in Russia. Among Trump’s most head-scratching appointments to his cabinet has been Rex Tillerson, secretary of state. Tillerson, the oil tycoon, has done much business in oil-rich Russia and the Middle East. Trump’s ties to Russia become even closer with Donald Trump Jr. having connections to Russian business interests.

Russia is not a US ally, though Trump enthusiastically wants to be. This is despite the ‘leak,’ if you will, from the Russian government of a tape showing Trump, with Russian prostitutes being peed upon. Of course he calls it an attack from American journalists and their “fake news.” However, this shows the type of control and blackmail hanging over Trump’s head to have him comply with Putin.

Putin has been very involved with Bushar Al-Assad and the bombing and use of chemical weapons on innocent Syrians to “attack ISIL.” The UN has called the actions of Putin and Assad war crimes and crimes against humanity. Since his inauguration, troops have been sent to Syria and Iraq to work with Russia and Assad in the fight “against ISIL.” If we become complicit in these crimes, we are on the wrong side of history. Trump’s Muslim ban has only strengthened and empowered ISIL. ISIL also wanted Trump to be elected. They knew it would be a helpful propaganda tool to make civilians complicit in fighting the US. The fact that terrorists and war criminals so wanted Trump to be elected should have been a red flag to show that this man is not a person we want as president. Trump’s Iran rhetoric made him popular there as well as they taunted President Obama knowing he would not use force. Iran has hoped for nuclear war to show off their own arsenal. Iran, Russia, Syria, and ISIL all hated, but feared Clinton as secretary of state and wanted to prevent her Presidency.

Trump’s Muslim ban did not include the United Arab Emirates (UAB) or Saudi Arabia, where he has business interests and resort hotels. This is another example of corruption by Trump. The American people have never mattered to Trump. He just wanted a bigger stage to make money and impose his will.

Trump and his administration are traitors. Trump led the “lock her up” chants against Clinton while she was under investigation. The American people ought to turn it into “lock him up,” along with everyone else in his administration. Opposition of Trump is no longer a partisan issue, it is a moral, and American duty we must do to prevent a corrupt tyrant. If we don’t, we are headed towards war and being on the wrong side of history.

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