“You’re So Pretty”

“You’re so pretty.”

These are three words every girl loves to hear, but when did it become the highest compliment a woman could be given? We buy make up, get our hair done and try on countless outfits, all just to feel pretty. When we say something stupid, we are told “Well at least you’re pretty.” Growing up, our relatives told us we would be heartbreakers one day. We spend our lives trying to live up to a standard of pretty that we do not even set. When will we realize that we are already exceeding so many other standards?

We, as women, have made such a name for ourselves. We are doctors, lawyers, teachers, scientists, authors and military. We are mothers, daughters, sisters and wives. We stand up for what we believe in and do not stand down for anyone. We fight for our rights and pursue education. Women are powerful and intelligent. We can take nearly anything and do not get knocked down.

There are so many other qualities of women to focus on than just our outward appearance. As we learn to look inside, we can find so many more beautiful aspects of ourselves. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with being pretty, striving to be pretty, being called pretty or anything of the sorts, it is time that we draw the attention away from our face and towards what truly matters. We are a strong sex. Time upon time, we surpass others’ expectations of us. We push the boundaries and get work done. Through our efforts, the world has made great change and will continue to progress as it is filled with more and more powerful, beautiful women. We are becoming more powerful more than ever, and we should not let that power merely be defined by our looks. That power comes from within; it comes from our dedication, strength, intelligence and love for others.

Do not allow yourself to be defined by such an objective adjective. Yes, let pretty be one of your many incredible qualities, but do not let it be your most important one. You are so much more than just a pretty face. Continue to spread the love and compliment women. There is nothing wrong with telling someone they are pretty. However, remember there are other aspects of women that are well deserving of compliments.

We work hard for our accomplishments, so we deserve to be recognized by them. Demand to have more of a presence that just your physical appearance. Be valued for your personality and the way you treat others. Develop attributes you want to be known for. Work for opportunities to make a name for yourself. Present yourself in the way you want to be viewed. Value your inside just as much as you value your outside. Refuse to be seen as anything less than the best.

So yes, you are pretty. You are pretty incredible. You are pretty strong and powerful. You are pretty unique. You are pretty intelligent and you are pretty perfect.

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