Kendrick Lamar Ready for a Come Up

Kendrick Lamar is a rap artist from Compton, California, and his first official album was released in 2011. At this point he has gained a respected reputation and a successful fan base. His songs since then have garnered a larger and larger fan base and a ton of excitement. His activity was at a pause after releasing his album, “To Pimp a Butterfly”, in 2015. Lamar has recently come back in the spotlight this year.

His new song releases including, “The Heart Part 4” and “Humble”, have already been listened to by millions. After his release of “The Heart Part 4” it was announced that an album would be released, but there was no specified date was given until April 7, as he rapped towards the ending of the song, “Y’all got till April the seventh to get y’all s— together.” These lyrics aroused fans expectation everywhere.

His song, “The Heart Part 4” was released in March 23. It has reached much attention because of a verse reference towards Donald Trump. “Donald Trump is a chump. Know how we feel punk,” his lyrics read. “Y’all up to something, electoral votes look like memorial votes. But America’s truth ain’t ignoring’ the truth.” A rebellious act through music, the artist lets his audience know his thoughts about politics. Like many other artist, his opinion not only lost a few fans but has gained a significant amount as well.

“Humble”, another song that captured his listeners and was released March 30, and embraces woman’s natural beauty. “I’m so…tired of the photoshop. Show me something’ natural like…stretchmarks,” Lamar raps. These honest lyrics attracted many, in showing his ‘real’ image and thoughts. His opinion on this generation is honest and that is what his character is about as an artist.

Through honest lyrics and his real-vibe character, Lamar is expected to rise a little more. With these songs being put out, his album should thrive. Though, “The Heart Part 4” will not be included in Lamar’s new album, “Humble” will be included. This album is a hesitant one, but with the success of these songs, there is immense interest in what Kendrick has come up with. His fourth studio album will be released April 14. With no set title, the Album will is hugely anticipated by fans, waiting to see what it’s all about.

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