Adding Feng shui To Your Lifestyle

For most of us a room is a simple place to lay our head down. It can transform into an impromptu movie theater for Netflix binge nights. They can become the go-to area for studying for that next exam.  But did you know that every aspect of your room works together to affect not only your moods but also your overall study habits?  From the color of your walls and pillows, to the way your furniture is arranged, it all combines together to impact the atmosphere.

Some of the more interior design educated may call this atmosphere the overall “feng-shui” of your area. Although, most just call it decoration.  It has an effect on things you never imagined.

For example, the color of your walls and the items you put in your room have a major impact on mood and productivity. Red evokes passion and power.  Green shows harmony, nature, safety and peace.   Orange brings about creativity and happiness, which is a great thing for us Bearkats!  Blue can pull on emotions of trust and loyalty.  Yellow, cheerfulness and light-heartedness.  Each color can represent a different prominent feeling.  Plus, all of the colors work together to create an overall energy within your room and also within your head.

But colors aren’t the only things at play here! The arrangement of your furniture can make a difference.  Something most people tend to do is place everything against the wall.  Turns out, this creates dead space and negative energy.  This only makes it harder to concentrate when settling in to study, experts suggest that you should try to mix it up a bit and place furniture in a non-symmetrical way.  Another great tip for cultivating creativity is to choose furniture that is different in style.  For instance, try a vintage side table mixed in with a classic modern lamp.  Using varying textures and patterns within you room can help to relax and expand the mind.  Even while you sleep!

Other things to consider when designing your room include the sounds and smells you hear. These things play into the overall vibe and feelings your room creates.  Try adding in a Bluetooth speaker system to softly play jazz or relaxing music in the background.  For something subtler consider adding a small fountain of water to quietly drip that adds to the backdrop.  When it comes to smell, buy a nice candle or consider investing in an incense burner to insure your space smells the way you want it to be: rain, blossoms or clean sheets.

Keeping your room in tiptop space not only helps your mood, but it helps boost your learning potential. Those of us that have spent hours cramming pointlessly and retaining very little could use a little bit of extra help.  Maybe next week it might be a cool experiment to rearrange your room and see if anything changes.

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