“Bill Nye Saves The World” Review: Science Grown Up

Get your bow ties and lab coats out because Bill Nye is back and this time he’s here to save the world. Bill Nye has recently come out with a new series on Netflix called “Bill Nye Saves the World”. Many people remember Bill from his Emmy wining show “Bill Nye the Science Guy”, but with a new lab and a few correspondents Bill will tackle some of the most controversial science topics in order to save the world in 13 episodes.

Every episode begins with Bill introducing the topic of each episode either with an experiment or verbally telling the audience the topic or sometimes he does both. Following his brand new and slightly more updated theme song Bill goes into depth on the topic and why mass audiences should care about the topic. After that, one of Bill’s correspondents does a piece on something related to the overall topics. Next, Bill brings on a team of experts to debate the specific topic present, although the experts don’t get into super-heated debates. All the experts have different opinions and occupations other than scientists.

In a few episodes, Bill does have a few special guests to help him end the show with either a final experiment or to help close out the show.  Will Wheaton, Steve Aoki, Tim Gunn, Nazeem Hussain, and Alton Brown are just some of the guest stars that stop by Bill’s new lab.

This new Netflix original is 13 episodes long with each episode being around 30 minutes and is completely binge-able. Most of the episodes in Bill’s new show have very relevant topics but also topics that might not be on people’s minds.  Topics like designer babies, ‘Fad diets’ and alternative medicine are a few of the topics, others with a bit of controversy are GMO’s, artificial intelligence, sex on a spectrum and of course climate change and global warming.

“Bill Nye Saves the World” is not at like his previous television show “Bill Nye The Science Guy”. In Bill’s old show he was teaching kids science with the help of other young kids through visuals like music videos, sketches, and home experiments. This show however is not geared toward kids, although kids might enjoy this show episodes like “The Sexual Spectrum” might not be for younger children. “Bill Nye Saves the World” is more mature, replacing sketches with insight reports from correspondents and music videos with lively discussions with experts and special guest stars.

Overall Bill Nye has made his television comeback in an amazing way. Having his show not just for children, and not just for adults, but for the masses. Within this show, Bill broadens the audiences view on topics like the earth’s over population or space exploration. By getting audiences to see these topics from a scientific point of view rather than a purely political or ethical issue. “Bill Nye Saves the World” isn’t the science guy most of us grew up, this is Bill Nye trying to saving the world the only way he knows how.

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