Student Film Festival Hosted by Film Society

One great opportunity always offered at college campuses is being able to view the creations of young artists who may very well premiere their work

The SHSU Film Society held a showcase of the short films made by their students on April 21. They held the event at the Old Town Theater and began at 6 pm.  They played 15 short films, twelve of which were live action while the other three were student made animations.

The Film Society is an organization on the Sam Houston lead by the Mass Communication department. If someone has interest in joining the society they do not have to be mass communication majors they just have to have interest.

An editor for one of the short films Zachary Livingood had time to describe his feelings over how the audience reacted to his work. “It went well, I was nervous to see how the crowd would react, but I was very pleased.”

One of the actresses Alli Esposito managed to speak about her feelings of the premieres as well. “I think it’s cool to see everyone’s films for the first time and see everyone’s reactions.”

One of the directors Devan Moffett managed to speak about how he felt the event was going and how he felt the premiere of his film went. “I think it went alright, it was basically an experiment and I think it was well received.”

One of the hosts and directors Jason Smith was also available for comment “It’s going great, I believe we have had a good turnout, everyone is enjoying their work and everyone else’s, It’s been amazing.”

There will be another student film festival on April 27, it is another chance for enjoying more work of our fellow bearkats. There is also more to come from the Film Society, and if you are interested in joining keep an eye on their social media pages for when they will be accepting new members.

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