Keep an eye on SHSU powerlifting

The Sam Houston State powerlifting team is taking a couple of weeks off to study for its final exams before returning to action on July 15 to compete in the annual Summer Power Fest in Houston.

The powerlifting team is not shy when it comes to competing at a high level. The Kats last saw action on April 9 in the National Collegiate Tournament in San Antonio. The tournament consisted of 774 lifters from all over the nation and the SHSU teams placed among the top. The Bearkat women finished in sixth place while the men finished eighth.

“We actually did really well,” Club President sophomore Nathaniel Flores said. “We had six team members place in the top five All-American and we had our girls finish in sixth place. Our guys finished in eighth place, so we are really proud of them.”

Since the establishment of the team in 2003, the team has grown from only five members to 30 members and counting. Flores feels that the team has come a long way and will continue to shine and hopefully become recognized as a national powerhouse.

“We have actually come a long way,” Flores said. “In the beginning, there were only five members. Now, we have 15 guys and 15 girls on our squad. Getting close to last year, we finished in the top five, but going forward we are getting another group of people that will get us back up in rankings. Soon we will be in the top five and be recognized nationally.”

After the spring semester ends in May, selected team members will compete in the Summer Power fest.

“Right now, we are just cooling down and letting every one focus on their final exams,” Flores said. “We do have a summer competition in Houston and that is optional if our lifters want to compete in it or not. We also have the option if we want to compete raw or equipped or if we just want to go out there and support and volunteer for us to get our volunteer hours.”

Although the organization has seen success in recent years, the team is still looking for new players to compete with them starting next fall.

“We are definitely looking for people,” Flores said. “You don’t have to have any power lifting experience. We are willing to train you and teach you the way of the sport like the basics and forms. I do advise anyone who is looking to join to wait until the fall since the semester is almost over.”

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