Washed Out: Combining music, video with artists, Microsoft

Singer-songwriter Washed Out, Ernest Greene, will be performing on Aug. 11 at the White Oak Musical Hall in downtown Houston. He is currently on tour supporting his newest LP “Mister Mellow” which released on the 30th of June.


Washed Out started producing songs out of his bedroom, gaining traction on his Myspace page releasing two EPs and performing for the first time in New York City. On July 12, 2011, he released his debut, “Within and Without”, on an indie record label Sub Pop which reached 26 on the Billboard 2000. Washed Out is most famous by their song “Feel it All Around” which was used as the intro to the show Portlandia featuring Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein.


“Mister Mellow” is the third studio album by Washed out and his first record to be released by famous independent label Stones Throw records. This release is four years after “Paracosm” which released on Aug. 30, 2013. “Mister Mellow’ features 12 tracks, each of which have a stylish and psychedelic video, each by a different director. The videos are in a playlist on YouTube where you can watch the full album visually; the physical release is accompanied by a DVD of the videos and a CD of the music.


This is not a typical album release tour; Washed Out is collaborating with Microsoft to bring a dynamic live show that will bring the multimedia visuals of “Mister Mellow” alive. The creative team turned to Microsoft technology to help turn the viewing experience of the album to a live setting. The Microsoft system helps bring the audience of the show to the impressionist world of the album.


Washed Out will be in Texas again on Aug. 12 for the Gorilla vs Bear Festival at the Bomb Factory in Dallas and on Nov. 10 for the Sound On Sound Festival in McDade.


If you want to watch “Mister Mellow” click the link below:


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