The Defenders arrive on Netflix

The Defenders is the three-year culmination of Netflix’s Marvel Cinematic Universe. Of the four series, three have received positive feedback while the other has been bashed since release. This has made the anticipation for the new series much more nerve-racking.

So, was The Defenders worth the wait, or a waste of time?

For the most part, the time was well spent.

Before the review begins, viewers starting The Defenders do not have to watch all four Marvel series to follow the story, but it does enrich the experience.

To start off where The Defenders excelled the most was in the fight choreography. The characters felt like themselves from their respective series. However, it’s still a little hard to pinpoint certain character traits from Iron Fist. Finn Jones on the other hand has clearly become more accustomed to the role and his fighting style, making the character more likable than before. It really feels like the experiences these characters have gone through will stick with them and not just be a one-off story. Sigourney Weaver as the main villain of the season was excellent casting, as her character has a sense of mystery and danger. For fans of the comics, seeing these characters interact and perform combos in battle is a dream come true, especially for Luke Cage and Iron Fist.

The negatives I have stem from after the first half of the season. We reach a lull at this point. The acting is fine and the story is progressing, but it feels as if something is missing. Also, the motivations of the Hand that have been built up for both seasons of Daredevil and all of Iron Fist were, to me at least, severely lackluster. Lastly, while I completely understand that the series is about the main characters, the side characters were featured only when needed, aside from two. The other two were diluted to pure cameos just to show that they were in the season. Most of them did not really grow or develop, they were just there taking up space.

The Defenders was a fun watch, with good characters and excellent fights, but had a few slow parts and a semi-messy climax that hindered the season. It was not a chore to sit through, however. I recommended giving these shows a watch, after you finish studying, of course.

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