Fifth Harmony’s new self-titled album

Fifth Harmony released their self-titled album on Aug. 25, unveiling ten new songs. With the album being available everywhere, fans were pleased with the release. The album extends the groups points of love, looks, and youth. Despite the fact that the album only consists on ten songs, they give off a spunky, sexy sound anyone would enjoy, especially during a girl’s night out.

The first song on the album is “Down” featuring Gucci Mane. With a pop beat, the four ladies come in with their individual verses, introducing their four different and unique voices. This loving character of the group carries out throughout the album.

“He Like That” is the second song on the album. A record player spin starts off this catchy song, showing off a woman’s curves through the lyrics, while the third track titled “Sauced Up” gives spiffy attitude to the album. These songs lead the listeners into the climax of the album.

“Make You Mad” sits as the fourth track of the album. The familiar pop and girl power sound, plays out with unique beats of the drums and other disco and techno sounds. The album is filled with expression of a favorable pop club, what I believe fans will enjoy most about the album.

“Deliver” is the fifth song on the album, and my personal favorite. It mixes their familiar style but plays with an R&B sound, the perfect combination. Set at the middle of the album, it lets listeners vibe with rest of the album, eager to know what’s next.

“Lonely Night” and “Don’t Say You Love Me” are the sixth and seventh songs on the album, bringing the album to a girl talk feel. These tracks shared the negative parts of relationships, enabling their fans to relate. These songs are performed at a personal level. The connection Fifth Harmony attempted to establish was a success and reminded us all that these ladies are going through what an average girl would. This is another reason why these ladies are so loved!

With a sassy sound, the next song, “Angel,” confronts the good girl image. “Messy” takes the album closer to the end. The song describes who the ladies of Fifth Harmony really are and how they love themselves just as they are. It is admirable that these ladies have used their influence to send a positive message to young girls.

“Bridges” is the last song on the album. The song starts out slow, tying up the ladies’ perspective of what they have accomplished, their look at where they are now, and their nonstop pursuit to go further. Then going into more pumped beats, the inspiring verse, “we build bridges, not walls” concludes the album. For now, millions are enjoying Fifth Harmony’s latest work and are left wanting more.

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