Apple unveils new devices and firmware at annual keynote

Another year, another keynote. ‘Techies’ around the world logged on to Apple’s Keynote event on Sept. 12 to see the latest technology announced.

Perhaps the most shocking device introduced was the iPhone X, or iPhone 10, which marks the company’s 10-year anniversary. The iPhone X will sport a 5.8-inch super retina display that will cover the entire front of the phone, which means gone are the days of the home button or Touch ID. Instead, the iPhone X will feature the new Facial ID, which will recognize the owner’s face to allow access into the phone.

Senior Michaela Rainer was surprised about the iPhone X announcement and is not a big fan of the Facial ID.

“So are we just skipping the iPhone 9?” Rainer said. “I’m also not a fan of the Facial ID, it’s a little too weird for me. It’s hard enough to scan your thumb at times, much less your entire face.”

Apple also revamped the front-facing camera with better lighting options to make for the perfect selfie. With this new “True-Depth” camera, will come animated emojis that will move with the owner’s facial expressions. The iPhone X is equipped with two rear-facing cameras with faster processing and truer colors at 12 megapixels. Even with all the new power in the iPhone X, the battery will last up to two hours longer than the iPhone 7.

The iPhone 8, which will also be available in a plus size, was released albeit a less pleased audience. The iPhone 8 series doesn’t differ much from the previous iPhone 7. The iPhone 8, along with the iPhone X, will feature the new A11 Bionic chip that has been dubbed with “superhuman intelligence”, allowing for Apple’s most powerful phone.

Perhaps what many people are most excited for is the announcement of the wireless charging and water resistance features that will be equipped on the iPhone 8 series and the iPhone X. Both the iPhone 8 and iPhone X will be available in 64 or 256 GB options.

A downfall that many iPhone users have already started to create backlash over is the return of the glass material on the backing of the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X; although Apple promises it to be the most durable ever created.

iOS 11 was also announced at the event and features a redesigned control center, a Siri translator, the ability to pay friends through iMessage similar to apps such as Venmo and virtual reality inside certain games. iOS 11 will have revamped apps, including notes, App Store, maps and news.

The new iPhones weren’t the only devices announced at the keynote. The latest Apple Watch, watchOS and Apple TV also debuted at the event. The Apple Watch will be in its third series and will include LTE compatibility, which means the watch will be able to stream music, make and receive notifications and calls and track GPS all without having to be near the owner’s iPhone. Also, the Apple Watch will feature a makeover with the latest watchOS4, with new faces, apps and settings.

“I’m usually totally against unnecessary spending on Apple products,” senior Destanie Mathews said. “But being a student nurse, the fact that the new Apple Watch will have the capability to possibly detect abnormal heart rhythms. I just find that fascinating.”

The Apple TV will allow viewers to watch in 4K HDR, with brighter colors and more realistic images. It will offer all the subscription streaming services in one place without having to switch between apps such as Netflix and Hulu, live news and sports and Siri capability.

The iPhone 8 series, the Apple Watch Series 3 and the Apple TV 4K will all be available for preorder starting Sept. 15 and in stores Sept. 22. The iPhone X, however, won’t be available for preorder until Oct. 27 and in stores Nov. 3.

iOS 11 and watchOS 4 will roll out for download to the compatible devices on Sept. 19. The iPhone X will start at a hefty $999, while the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus will start at a more reasonable $699 and $799, respectively. The Apple Watch Series 3 will start at $329, and the Apple TV 4K will start at $179.

Senior Amber Szymczak summed up the keynote and is looking forward to the new devices.

“I’m all Apple, all of the time,” Szymczak said.”And with Apple’s 10-year anniversary, another keynote has come and gone, and the lineup did not disappoint.”

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