SHSU women’s lacrosse team holds fundraiser for students effected by Hurricane Harvey

The Sam Houston State University women’s lacrosse team sold merchandise on Tuesday to raise funds for students at a high school in Houston that was affected by Hurricane Harvey.

“The whole reason why we are holding this fundraiser is because there is a high school in the Houston area that was demolished and won’t be rebuilt,” Vice President Danielle Litzen said. “We came together as a team and will be selling T-shirts and donate the money and any other goods to the school.”

The students who live within walking distance were impacted heavily because they are forced to attend classes in other areas, and the team is looking to help those who have no form of transportation.

“The school is in such a low-income area,” Litzen said. “They are being pushed to the outer schools. We are also trying to raise money so they have transportation to get to those schools.”

The women’s team has a set goal they want to reach. They will do so by selling T-thirts and other merchandise and also accepting any canned goods, school supplies, and clothing as donations.

“We are hoping to sell all of our shirts and put in two orders so we can raise $600,” Litzen said. “Each shirt is selling for $10 and we are also selling cuzzies. We are also accepting any other donations.”

Players have a lot of ties with the school. Several members have extended family who live in the area. The coach of the team also goes to the high school to teach on occasion.

“A lot of our professors and our teammates family members were affected by the storm,” said Litzen. “We are hoping to get new textbooks for the students and we are going to talk to the adviser to see what else they need.”

The team will continue to hold their fundraiser next week from Sept. 25-28 in the SHSU mall area from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.


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