Foo Fighters: Concrete and Gold Album Review

“Concrete and Gold” is the ninth studio album to come from the major rock group The Foo Fighters. It was produced by Greg Kurstin and comes out to a runtime of 48 minutes with 11 tracks.

“Run” is by far the best track of the listing, with “The Sky Is A Neighborhood” being a close second. “Run” has a vibrant and rock centric sound. Then again, this could be based on personal preference, so I do recommend giving the album your own listen too, if you decide to pick it up.

The rest of the tracks are love songs, songs telling stories, and songs raising questions for the audience. Some of which, including “The Sky”, are songs that are meant to illustrate band front man Dave Grohl’s frustrations towards current U.S. politics and the 2016 election. Many of the other songs included on the album make political references, but are slightly subtler. These are not bad songs by any means, but their slow paces and melodic moods can possibly take you out of the album if you are a more rock fan.

The guest vocals of Justin Timberlake are used effectively as well as the backup drums provided by Paul McCartney. They do not take away from the album, but enhance the songs.

“Concrete and Gold” is another good album created by The Foo Fighters. Fans of their work will enjoy this album, but then again, the only downside to the album is the lack of any new sounds in any tracks. This is not a bad thing in any capacity, but it can take away from the experience of listening. The Foo Fighter’s “Concrete and Gold” is still overall very enjoyable and worth the money if you choose to purchase the album.

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