“Give More Love” Album review

Ringo Starr’s “Give More Love” came out earlier this year. The 14-song album was released in celebration of Starr’s 77 birthday. Starr is best known as the drummer for The Beatles, and although The Beatles’ days have passed, Starr has continued his career in the music industry as a singer and songwriter.

He is gaining fans from all generations, both old and new. His rockadelic pop style of music brings listeners back to the 60s, but also establishes a modernized sound.

Starr introduces the album with the song “We’re on the Road Again.” It gives the listener a way to jump into the album with a lively song, showing off an electric guitar playing in the background, shaping it perfectly. Not only is it introducing the album, but also introducing Starr as an artist, apart from The Beatles.

Coming in around the middle of the album is a country rock style of beat. With instantly catchy verses, “Standing Still” reminds me of a camp song, giving off a sing-a-long tune. Although the song was far from what I expected, it was surprisingly satisfying, and gives proof to the idea that Ringo Starr is his own artist. With this country sound to the album, this diverse quality is what the fans loved.

“So Wrong for So Long” sits at the falling resolution of the album. This song really emphasizes Starr’s voice. It was apparent that Starr was more than a drummer. I loved it! It gives his fans something to hum and whistle to.

The 10 song on the album, leading up to the conclusion, is “Give More Love”. As the song is also the title of the album, it really emphasizes the meaning of Starr’s creation. That is, to express a lively attitude through his tracks and lyrics. The songs included in the album are various in style but all send one message: positivity.

“Give More Love” is available everywhere, and while I don’t want to spoil the full experience of it too much, the album is worth a listen. Ringo Starr has exceeded my expectations for the mix. I recommend it to those who enjoy pop sounds, assorted in the classic 60s!

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