Sports Video Games Better Than Ever

The fall video game hype is upon us again, and many have not been disappointed. “Madden 18” came out in late August and is widely regarded as the best game EA has produced. “2K18”, the basketball equivalent has also brought in a revival to its system that will have fans playing for hours on end.

“Madden” has been known for its graphics, but gameplay has been less than spectacular. This year, that is not so. There are hundreds of different challenges to play to build your team, with new ones available each day to expand the game’s replayability.

One of the biggest complaints when comparing “Madden” to “2K18” was “Madden’s” lack of a storyline. This year “Madden” answered the call. “Madden” added a storyline called Longshot. It follows former high school five-star recruit Devin Wade, his teammate and best friend Colt Cruise as they try out for the NFL. Wade lost his father before his third game as a Texas Longhorn and threw the game, and then quit the team entirely. Cruise finishes his time at Texas.

At the combine, Wade is approached by TV executives of a new show where NFL Longshots and a former NFL head coach try and make it back into the league. Longshot is influenced by decisions the player must make. It is one of the best storylines of any sports video game to date. It plays out like a movie and takes about four hours to complete.

“2K18” released teasers for their new “my player” mode called the Neighborhood. Additionally, a prelude to the game was released a week before pre-order to allow players to get a taste of “2K18” before it released. Perhaps the best attribute to “2K18’s” “my player” is the ability to scan one’s face to make a player that looks just like them. The neighborhood allows the player to go around and play games at the “2K18” arcade, shop at Footlocker or the NBA story, get tattoos, haircuts and play streetball. The story in “2K18’s” my player is a former college player who became a DJ and plays street basketball on the side. NBA scouts attend the streetball game and invite the DJ to a tryout from the player’s favorite team.

He gets a shot on the team and the road to “99” begins. The goal is to raise your player to a score of 99 through various practices and modes. You attend practices and train at the Gatorade training facility and earn virtual currency (VC) from playing games to upgrade your player. The storyline and game is much more drawn out than Longshot, but is very fun and exciting to play.

For any sports video game fan, “Madden 18” and “2K18” are games you will not want to miss. These are by far the best sports games yet. “FIFA 18” and “NHL 18” also hit the shelves recently and add to the sports game firepower. “FIFA 18” added new gameplay mechanics to improve its realistic feel, and “NHL 18” added a new three-on-three cooperative mode.

Video games will only continue to improve, whether you play Xbox One or PS4.

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