Student Participation Up

Throughout the academic school year Sam Houston State University has several different events in which students can participate and become active members in their campus community. All departments on campus host events ranging from job fairs, volunteer services, learning experiences, and simply entertainment; such as concerts, sporting events and social gatherings.

There is something for everyone, but how are the numbers for student participation at SHSU? Research shows that student participation is at an all-time high this semester, and has gradually been on the rise.

“Student participation has gone up. The SHSU Program Council hosts roughly 25-35 events a semester,” Assistant Director of Student Activities Rachel Valle said. “Student participation varies from 30-300 students depending on the event.”

From the academic school year of Fall 2016 to Spring 2017, SHSU had a student enrollment of 17,902 undergraduate students. As of this semester, student enrollment has risen by over 2,500 undergraduate students and is now at an all-time high of 20,477 students. This correlates with the rise of student participation.

Student participation is an important part in your college experience. Being involved is a way students can better themselves in communication skills, networking, and meeting new people.

“Student participation benefits everyone,” Valle said. “When students participate in student activities, they are more likely to develop social bonds and be persistent in attaining their degrees. Numerous studies show that students who are engaged outside of the classroom are more likely to attain their college degree. Students who engage in their collegiate environments are going to be a positive influence on both their campus and in their respective communities.”

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