Is Miley Cyrus Younger Now?

It appears this young pop star is done with her “crazy streak” and has travelled back into reality. Miley Cyrus came out with a new album called “Younger Now” earlier this week and it has fans raving. Her old style took a complete turn as she created the album.

Her previous album “Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Pets” is random, crazy, and independent; “Younger Now” is slower, sweeter and sincere, focused on the genre of pop-rock and country vibes. Fans on comment discussions are saying that she is going back to her roots, which is clear when you listen to her new album.

Her new album is a loud statement that portrays Cyrus overcoming her past and reinventing who she is in 2017. Her song, Malibu, was written while she was in a car on her way to the Voice. In a recent interview with Zach Sang, she comments, saying that she recorded it right after she got to her trailer; she states that the song is made for listening in a car.

In her song “Rainbowland”, she sings with Dolly Parton, giving a country aspect to the album. Some other songs that have more of a country vibe, such as, “Miss You So Much,” “I Would Die For You,” “Bad Mood,” “She’s Not Him,” and “Inspired.” These songs were written out of deep emotion but with wild passion, mourning, change and reconciliation.

Her album isn’t all country though. Her song “Thinkin’” sounds a lot like her old R&B style, but still strays from being too “out there” compared to her previous album.

The track “Younger Now” has a line that explains fully what she believes about herself when she sings, “Even though it’s not who I am, I’m not afraid of who I used to be.” In this song, she shows that although she is on the journey to starting over, she knows that many will be critical of her in her claim to truly “change.”

She makes this song to explain that she is not proud of what she used to do, she is still aware that she must own up to her reputation thus far. The album is a restart for her as she and Liam Hemsworth reunite.

While most may look at her new album and think that she is just in another “phase” of trying to get attention, many interviews have shown that she is sincere in her plans to a better, more sustaining life. She still wants to make music, but without the influence of drugs, alcohol and society pulling her along telling her what to do.

“Younger Now” is her chance, a chance to start over with as clean of a slate as she can, while still holding on to her unique creativity and crazy good vocals.

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