Faculty Senate and SGA Updates

Congratulations students, you have officially made it halfway through the Fall 2017 semester. While students have been working hard studying, the governing bodies at Sam have been pursuing goals to help make all the things outside the classroom run smoothly.

Here’s SGA President Briauna Augustus on their progress and goals this semester.

“SGA is working on being more inclusive as a whole. When speaking to students who are joining as seniors, one question we ask is when did they find out about student government. Often the answer is that they’ve known about us but they didn’t join sooner because they either 1) didn’t know what we do, 2) didn’t think they qualified or 3) a combination of both. This holds true for more than just seniors as well. This year we want to show not only the people involved that they can participate as an agent of SGA however their heart desires, government to sports, but also to show others who are not involved that we truly represent and SUPPORT all reaches of the student body.

To achieve this, we are taking more of an active approach to seek out events that we can promote and attend as well as putting on more events ourselves that don’t require you to have a specific interest or another. We want everyone to know that SGA is not just a junction full of yays and nays and political jargon, but an organization that wants to make the university a better and more cohesive place for all of its students in an organized manner. Be on the lookout for our name out there for more than just elections!

Thank you,

Briauna Augustus”

If you want to keep up with the SGA and their plans, make sure to follow SHSU Student Government Association on Facebook and check out their video recaps.

And a quick note from the Faculty Senate Chair, Jonathan Beazeale:

“Our goal as a Senate has – and always will be – to advise the President on matters related to all aspects of the university. Our current focus is primarily on supporting the 10-year reaffirmation by SACSCOC – SHSU’s accrediting body.

We periodically examine the policies of the university and are currently reviewing and updating a vast majority of them.

Jonathan Beazeale”

The SACSCOC stands for the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges, and their guidelines require an extensive report which the website recommends the university spend “several months to a year or two”.

As both organizations work over the remaining semester, students look to them to lead the way in keeping campus up to date with student needs.

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