SHSU Food Pantry readjusting to new semester

Sam Houston State University’s Food Pantry is looking to double in size by the end of this semester after a recent decline in volunteers. The Sammy Award winning organization is currently lacking committed members, and according to President Janessa Estrada, this is a result of changes within Orglink.

“The recent change with Orglink really backed us up,” Estrada said. “We still have members, but we still need people.”

Food Pantry is promoting their organization by frequent tabling in the LSC mall area and by passing out flyers. The club also monitors its webpage and is able to add volunteers through email.

“I have big hopes for them. It was such an honor to be able to award them at the Sammy’s because they are such a deserving group,” 2017 Sammy emcee Katie Stillion said.

The group is now using Google Docs to keep up with volunteers. The remaining 30 volunteers have been able to adapt to the new system.

“We already have a few volunteers signed up for Thursday’s distribution,” Estrada said. “GoogleDocs is working so far.”

Distributions for Food Pantry take place every two weeks in Academic Building three. Students interested in volunteering can still be added through Orglink.

“We have to spread the word on volunteers and do something about this,” Estrada said. “I hope to be at 60 members soon.”

The executive board for Food Pantry was elected in Fall 2016. Estrada was elected as President after a semester of membership, and says there is currently a vacancy for an executive board position.

“We are more proactive in collecting donations at least twice a month before distributions,” Estrada said. “I hope in the future that we will plan more ahead and have ideas in place in case we run low on volunteers and donations.”

The distribution location, dates and times are posted below:



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