Beautiful Trauma Album Review

“Beautiful Trauma” is Pink’s seventh studio album. This thirteen-song album is filled with personal and political anthems. This mixture of expression is adored by Pink’s fans and she ultimately impresses them yet again with this release. The album is not a party starter album like her other projects but rather a more personal, handmade rendition of herself as an artist.

The first song “Beautiful Trauma”, reflects the title of the album and introduces the album, talking about her demons being beautiful because they are what shaped her into who she is now.

The second song, “Revenge”, features Eminem. It is an experimental song, with a rap-like sound, mixed with her chorus “we can do revenge together” and collaborating with Eminem gave it a fun sound.

“What Ever You Want” and “What About Us”, are the third and fourth songs of the album and they sound like the typical Pink that I know. That pop-rock sound spoke about love and that theme seems to have expanded through the album; Pink focuses not only love with others, but with ourselves.

The middle of the album includes slower songs, with “But We Lost It” and “Barbies”. These songs bring listeners to a personal level. “While”, “Where We Go”, and “For Now” together serve as the resolution of the album. With faster pacing, the tracks bring listeners out of the hole you could say, it brings us out of the deep parts of Pink and back out in front of her. She uses an order of songs from looking within herself, at her emotions to the outer parts of herself, her experiences. With love being the theme of this album, she does well at touching on different aspects of it. From self-love to relationships and heartbreak.

The ninth song, “Secret” picks up more speed enabling the album to move along to the ending. The tenth song, “Better Life”, is my personal favorite. She talks about the low times in life, that while they seem all encompassing, there is still chances to make a better life out of those times. Pink asks the listeners directly, “Do you picture a better life?”

“I am Here”, “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken” and “You Get My Love”, bring the album to a close. These songs also reflect the solution of the album, conquering her demons. Her breakthrough is fire, with beautiful lyrics, she inspires listeners to keep going until they are free, of mind and of body. “Beautiful Trauma” was beautifully presented, a classic production that will leave plenty of new fans wanting more.

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