The importance of mental health discussion

During the course of 2017, there are many issues that have been brought to light and have made the world stop and think. The issue of mental health has become a big topic in the media. From internet videos, message boards, and blogs, people have begun to discuss their own mental health issues in hopes to either help other people or bring more attention to conditions, such as anxiety and depression. One in four people around the world suffer from some sort of mental illness. Many people, including celebrities, have begun to open up about their battles with mental health and the difficulties that come with it. But if so many people have a condition, such as depression or anxiety, then why is it still considered a topic better left in the dark? While mental illness covers a wide variety of issues, such as anxiety, bipolar disorder, and even eating disorders, one that has become a hot topic and has been getting the most attention is depression.

But there is something that has gotten under my skin for a while now. Regular people have suffered with depression for a long time, but nobody would talk about it. I wonder why people began to care when celebrities started coming out and discussing their battle with anxiety, depression, and mental health in general, and they are seen as brave, heroes even. Yes, they are brave for talking about their issues, especially in the public eye. However, I still do not understand why people begin to care when a famous person brings light to the subject. After Chester Bennington’s suicide, the world almost stopped and thought, “Wow, this is a real problem.” They began to realize people are hiding their suffering and began encouraging people to talk to someone. It just confuses me that it took a well-loved singer who was able to connect with people so well for it to become a real problem, and not just mental.
For a long time, people who suffered from depression were placed in mental asylums with people thinking they had a disorder along the same lines as schizophrenia. While over time the idea of depression has gotten easier to understand and it has gotten easier for people to seek out help, there are still people in the world that think it is a false problem. They think the person is doing it to themselves and that the problem is just in their head. I have heard people say, “Just be happy…it’s not that hard” or “Get over it and quit crying about it.” It can make seeking any help difficult. So many people suffer with it alone, which will only amplify the problem. It’s heartbreaking. It’s not something that goes away like a cold or a bruise. There is nothing wrong with seeking out help. Seeking out help from either a doctor, family, friends, or even calling a hotline can help more than you think. There are hundreds of websites, phone numbers, and people in the world that can help anyone who is suffering. And while it is hard to finally admit that you cannot handle it anymore, seeking out some form of help will be worth it in the long run.

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