Nazi Slaying time has come with Wolfenstein II

In the latest Wolfenstein, I killed a lot of Nazis.

I mean numbering in the thousands, and I loved every second of it.

“The New Colossus” is a sequel to “The New Order” released in 2014, produced by Bethesda Softworks and developed by MachineGames. The game follows protagonist BJ Blaskowics as he and his fellow resistance fighters work to liberate America from the Nazi Regime to launch a worldwide revolution. They encounter the likes of maniacal generals, giant robots and even Hitler himself.

The gameplay is essentially the same bones as “The New Order”; dual wielding, shooting from cover, stealth sections and a weapon wheel, but they have all been updated to perform even better. For starters, players can now freely dual wield their weapons making dozens of fun combinations, so they can change their methods for slaughtering enemies. The enemies also have a lot of variety within their ranks, from simple foot soldiers, to commanders, to heavy super soldiers, speeding robots, dogs and the infamous Panzerhunds. Enemies become more and more advanced as the game progresses, while your arsenal also increases, making them easier to kill. This back and forth works well, as you become deadlier their numbers increase more and more.

The game makes sure the player is not invincible, if you do not play smart, you will die constantly throughout. In terms of weapons, the game has introduced weapon upgrade kits. Once you pick them up, you can upgrade your weapons, making killing enemies much more effective. At one point, the player can choose one of three options for a body enhancement. Once you make this choice, it can encourage players to play through again to experience these different enhancements. The gameplay flows amazingly with a few small glitches that go away almost as quickly as they appear.

“The New Colossus” is beautiful to look at and walk around in, each environment from New York, New Orleans, to even Roswell feel like real places filled with little details that make them feel more horrific and enjoyable to walk around in. The central area players return to after missions has also much improved from “The New Order”. When exploring the U-Boat, players can listen in on conversations with NPC’S, each with their own names and unique personalities. The environment contains many details and areas that make it feel like a real place people truly live in.

The story for “The New Colossus” makes many great leaps in terms of emotions and its characters. Unlike other games, when characters die, you feel the pain of that loss because you have spent time with these characters and they all feel unique with their individual personalities. While some characters can be considered clichés, they are presented in such a clever way that they feel different from the crowd. There are a lot of twists and unique turns that appear throughout the story that can surprise players. There are also flashback sequences to BJ’s childhood, making you empathize with him even more, making the player more determined to help him achieve his desires.

Overall, “The New Colossus” provides an exceptional time with incredible gameplay, an emotionally satisfying story and a lot of dead Nazis. Check it out if possible.


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