Letter to the Editor: Response to stigmatizing mental illness, mass shootings, gun control

This is a response to Assistant Viewpoints Editor Masey White’s Stigmatizing mental illness, mass shootings, gun control viewpoint that was published in the Nov. 8 issue of The Houstonian. That article can be found here.

First, let’s call gun control what it really is… people control. Gun control is about controlling a hated and despised group of people. Democrats desperately want to disarm white, conservative, Christian, heterosexual males. Democrats know they cannot disarm criminals, much less suicidal sociopaths, but they cannot stand the thought of people owning guns who disagree with them on core issues of socialism, pacifism, atheism, abortion and homosexuality.

Second, studies by the Department of Justice, the Congressional Research Service, the Liberty of Congress, the National Academy of Sciences and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention have found no evidence that gun control reduces crime, suicides or accidents in the United State or abroad. As gun control laws have been eliminated in the federal, state and local levels, violent crime remains near record lows.

Third, without going into details, I can think of at least two “weapons” that the Sutherland Springs Baptist Church monster could have used that would have killed more people. In one case, maybe everyone in the church.

Fourth, why is it that cities with the toughest gun control laws in the nation have the highest homicide rates in the nation? Chicago (population 2.4 million) usually has triple the murder rate of Houston (population 2.2 million).

Fifth, there are at least 100 million law-biding gun owners in this country. Blaming a massacre on guns is an outrageous insult to all gun owners.

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