Punishment begins on Netflix

Jon Bernthal as “The Punisher” debuted on Netflix initially in season two of “Daredevil”, but has since
returned to Netflix with his own series that debuted on Nov. 17.

The series stars Bernthal as the titular character, along with Ben Barnes, Amber Rose Devah, Ebon-
Ross Bachrach, Jaime Ray Newman and Deborah Ann Woll.

The season tells the story of Frank Castle after the events of “Daredevil”, attempting to bring vengeance
for his family against the men who were responsible. One thing I should add is that there will be moments
that will shock you in terms of the violence; there are not a lot, but they are still there. “The Punisher”
might not be for those who are faint of heart.

Bernthal was born to play this role. He puts himself into the role of Frank Castle perfectly, bringing that
anger and pain that carry him throughout the season. I honestly never got tired of hearing him scream
while gunning down bad guys. Both Bernthal and Bachrach as Micro have great chemistry and their
banter made some of the slower moments more enjoyable. The time spent with Micro’s family is nice but
are always brought down by the rude and annoying son, who’s character never goes beyond that. Devah
and Barnes bring great characters to the season in Madani and Jigsaw. I found myself intrigued with their
stories as the season progressed.

As I have said before no film or television, series is perfect and “The Punisher” is no exception. It suffers
from issues that hinder all the other Marvel Netflix series. There are side characters who are good in the
beginning; being used to showcase certain themes but eventually just become either side villains to take
up time (to complete thirteen episodes) or wasted potential.

The main plot should put it aside so it can clear up this side story that the season really could have just
done without.

The season at moments feels as if there were plot events taking place but at the same time it felt as if
nothing in truth was happening, making the season become boring and a little difficult to get through. The
buildup is followed by some well-paced fight scenes that I can say I have never seen on television before.

The lull I felt may have also been the effect of binging the series, but I feel that if you take your time with
this season it’ll effect you even more than it did me.

“The Punisher” was powerful, emotional, and an overall enjoyable ride. With some slow parts that could
have been cut down a bit, the show is overall an enjoyable 13 hours. I anticipate the second season to be
even better.

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