Thor thunders way into theaters

“We know each other, he’s a friend from work.”

For those who have been under rocks for the last couple of months, “Thor: Ragnarok” is the third “Thor”
film in the Marvel cinematic universe. Taika Waititi, and stars Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Mark
Ruffalo and Kate Blanchett directed it.

The action in the film is spectacular. It has a fast pace, but you never get too lost. The special effects are
full of flare and consist of colors that keep your eyes locked to the screen. One of the most notable
scenes in the film that uses this method is the battle between Thor and the Hulk.

There was an overhead shot of marble flooring that took my breath away. Most people will not notice
something like that, but it made me smile. I will let you all decide about these small particulars for
yourself, but there are plenty of them throughout the film.

In this third installment, actors have become much more familiar with their roles. This is shown frequently
with the dialogue and banter between Thor, Loki and Banner; dialogue that is both right for the characters
and hilarious. On that note, the film is more of a comedy than an action movie. Yes, there is action, but
there are way more jokes and laughs to be had. They all flow seamlessly, but there are a few that feel a
little out of place or inappropriate. Those are far between the ones that land though.

New additions such as Valkyrie played by Tessa Thompson and The Grandmaster by Jeff Goldblum were
welcome additions. Valkyrie was funny and the film spent a fair amount of time giving us her backstory.
However, The Grandmaster is not in the movie much, his presence there is welcome and provides laughs
as only Goldblum can.

Given that the film has been out for a few weeks, I am about to divulge into full spoilers; so, if you have
not seen the film yet, stop reading and come back later.

I honestly felt that the first thirty minutes of the movie was rushed, trying quickly to answer questions from
the dark world and quickly just killing off main character to get the ball rolling on the main plot. Doctor
Strange’s appearance, while funny, was not entirely necessary. Yes, he helped them find Odin, but they
could have done that without him. It was a way for the director to establish a connection between “Thor”
and “Strange for Infinity War”.

Hulk’s new story was an enjoyable experience. Making it that the Hulk is essentially taking over control
from Banner for years adds an interesting dynamic to the character and makes excitement for future films.
While I really enjoyed Karl Urban as the Executioner and felt he had a well plotted arc throughout the film,
his death came kind sudden and disrupted the pace of the film. There was room for more character
development and would have enjoyed having more screen time with this character.

Lastly, I found that while Blanchett brought a lot of personality to the character of Hela, her introduction
was interesting yet sudden, and her exit was just the same. Thor choosing to sacrifice Asgard was a great
use of character development. When they kept repeating the line of Asgard being where “its people are
three times within twenty,” it became annoying and made the ending a little predictable.

While no film is perfect, “Thor: Ragnarok” delivers a fun and action-packed adventure that can be enjoyed
by almost anyone.

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