Gateway shuttle strikes midnight, turns into weekend party bus

Gateway Apartments, a local student-housing complex, utilizes its complex-to-campus shuttle as a party bus on the weekends.

From Thursday night to Saturday, the Gateway shuttle bus provides safe, free and convenient transportation to Gateway residents and their friends. The bus stops include five local bars in Huntsville: Draft Bar, Humphrey’s, 12 Street Bar, The Jolly Fox and Shenanigans. The bus leaves the complex around 9:30 pm and leaves the last bar around 1:30 a.m.

“They emailed all [the residents] and posted it on twitter and Instagram,” current resident and sophomore Glennis Cornwell said. “It was not super reliable because it was not on a time schedule, but it definitely was cool when we finally got on it. Me and my friends have used it once or twice before, and it is a definite possibility for the future,” Cornwell said.

The bus has only been in progress for about two weeks, and the first saw a large passenger turnout.

“The route takes the driver about 30 minutes,” property manager Alex Bash said.

There is also an app called Shadow Tracker Mobile that residents can download and use to help track where the bus is and where its next stop will be.

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