SHN: News made by students, for the students

Sam Houston Network (SHN) is an up-and-coming network looking to make a mark on the Sam Houston State University campus. This network aims to showcase Mass Communication skills such as editing, producing and filming. Their talk show “Table Talk” will return Feb. 8 on the SHN YouTube account:

SHN’s motto is “Showing you the who, what, where and even sometimes the how of Sam Houston State University.” As it grows, SHN provides more and more opportunities for Mass Communication students to collaborate and expand their knowledge in media while showcasing their passions.

Recent graduate Sarah Pearce created the network in 2016 and has watched it bloom ever since.

“I wanted to start SHN because I wanted an opportunity to create content while working with other people that are as passionate about communications as I am,” Pearce said.

Their first project was the SHN news show, followed by “Table Talk” and “Pawparazzi.” Since then, SHN has expanded more projects such as “Fab Series,” a podcast called “Unscripted,” “Crime and Reason” and “Around Bearkat Ally” which shows highlights of Sam Houston sports and their players.

“It was kind of an itch that I had. I felt like I needed to contribute something and make my own opportunities and chances,” Pearce said.

Last semester, SHN collaborated with The Houstonian on a “Table Talk” about the recent shooting in Las Vegas and is now collaborating with a new student Comedy Web Series called “College Code.”

After Pearce graduated, she decided to pass on her passion to Julissa Garza and Mariana Ramos to keep the legacy going for years to come.

Videos can be found on Podcasts can be found on soundcloud/samhoustonnetwork.

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