SMMC ranked No. 5 in nation, according to LendEDU

According to, Sam Houston State University has been recognized as having one of the best financial literacy programs in the nation, ranking SHSU fifth out of the top 50 universities in the country.

The National Financial Educators Council describes financial literacy as “possessing the skills and knowledge on financial matters to confidently take effective action that best fulfills an individual’s personal, family and global community goals.

“I think we’re the standard for other programs across the country,” director of SHSU’s Student Money Management Center Patsy Collins said.  “We get around, so people know who we are.”

Collins attributes the ranking to a progressive platform as well as high student response to the program.

“Sam Houston was one of the first money management centers in the nation,” Collins said.  “As student loan debt became a hotter topic of conversation, universities like North Texas and Texas Tech started programs. Then people here started a focus group and a money management center.

Starting mid-February, the tenth annual Financial Literacy Week will provide students the opportunity to improve their money management skills at “Adulting Done Right.” This program will be a four-day event starting Feb. 19, and will host several events pertaining to efficient financial practices, from broad money saving topics to simple but effective life hacks.

The event aims to address proper budgeting techniques after graduation, along with managing paychecks and salary negotiation.

“The one-time raise students get once they get a job is the biggest they’ll ever get,” Collins said.  “I don’t want them to go out and get tied into lengthy car, apartment and cell phone contracts.  Especially once they have to start paying their student loans after six months.”

Collins wants students to take advantage of the event as there will be scholarships awarded to participating students. She plans to give out scholarships at the end of every workshop. 

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