One Bearkat’s advice to being a better person

Whether you consider yourself a good or bad person, I want to address anyone who wants to be a better person. A better person is someone that truly cares about not only themselves, but others as well. A better person treats people as they want to be treated. If any of you want to become a better person, then I will offer an opinion on how to start.

I know the general consensus among classmates is to look out for yourself, and network with as many people as possible. However, I tell you that people are not just a means to an end. Since “networking” has become a new word for friendship, the idea of friendship has truly passed away and now people only consider worthy people as an “associate.” The bar for friendship is set so high that it is impossible for most people to reach. A better person knows that friends are valuable assets who can enrich our lives; they understand that friends are not perfect and can focus on the good instead of the bad. I am not condoning maintaining bad relationships of any kind, but a better person might recognize the kind gestures over the mistakes.

I have seen people that have been wronged and decided to get back at the wrongdoers. Instead of following the natural instinct to repay evil with evil, it would be more profitable to defeat evil with good. Anger and revenge are just harmful and spread like a wildfire consuming everything. Save your cold dishes and serve only what you would partake in; you will catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

In addition to fighting evil with good, never get tired of doing good things for anyone. Anyone that gives unconditionally is an upstanding member of our society. When the opportunity presents itself or a friend asks you for help, if you can provide it, then you should oblige. Anyone who gives to those in need will be able to display good qualities that can spread to others. Even though some people will take advantage of a better person, this should not discourage that person from helping others. There will always be times when the people that are on top will fall to the bottom and the people on bottom will eventually be on top. So if anyone wants to receive aid when they are at their lowest, they must give when they are at their highest.

The few qualities that I have provided will help anyone become a better person. If we take the time and consideration to think of others rather than ourselves, we will not only better individuals, but we can strengthen our society, as well. The world can always profit from having better people in it. All it takes for us to be better people is to try to love each other just as we love ourselves.

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