What you should do for Spring Break

The countdown to Spring Break has begun. In less than a week, we will be on vacation not worrying about any school work or assignments. Whether you are off on a family trip or hanging with friends, it is important to stay safe.

We hear it every year, over and over: “Be safe this Spring Break, know your surroundings, and be smart.” It’s something we tune out, but it is important to take that into consideration this Spring Break.

Recently, KatSafe released important information regarding travels over spring break. The United States Department of State has issued warnings for certain states within Mexico including Tamaulipas, Tijuana, Ciudad Juarez, Cancun and Cozumel. These warnings are due to violent crimes, and extra caution should be taken when traveling to these states. In general, caution should be taken if traveling to South Texas.

Regardless of if you are staying home or working over Spring Break, there are multiple options to enjoy your break. The Rodeo in Houston is up and running through March 18. You could attend the carnival portion and enjoy food and play games, or buy a concert ticket and enjoy a musical performance. You can beat the heat and go to a waterpark such as Splashtown or Schlitterbahn or go to a beach like Surfside or South Padre. Just remember to protect yourself from the sun and not come back sunburnt. You can take a day trip to a new city and be a tourist for a day. For example, San Antonio has great historical background along with tourist attractions like the Riverwalk, Seaworld or the Alamo. Dallas has the JFK memorial and a world zoo. Austin, the state capital, has several parks and landmarks to explore. If you are on a budget, parks, zoos and museums are always budget-friendly. Exploring Downtown and the city is always fun and takes little-to-no money.

Spring Break can also just be your time to relax and stay in. We all lead busy lives in different ways, and a week break is well need. Take this week to watch a new show. Netflix has updated their shows and movies, and Hulu always has the newest episodes. TV networks have released new series, as well. Although taking a trip is fun, you might need to sleep in half of the week, and that is OK! While everyone else is indulging in their Spring Break fun, you can surround yourself with blankets and pillows and catch up on sleep lost throughout the semester.

Lastly, you can take this time to just get ahead in life. Go in and do those assignments early, or re-organize that planner so you can finish up your semester quicker and jump-start that summer break. Remember to stay safe this Spring Break, but also have fun. We have reached our halfway point of the semester—so recharge, because there are no more breaks until summer.

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