Letter to the Editor: A Cadet’s experience

When I came to Sam Houston State University I was both worried and unsure of what the future might hold. I had been out of a school-like environment for over two years because of my training with the Texas Army National Guard, and I was worried about what it would be like starting college in a very new environment than I was used to. I had known that I was going to be joining the ROTC program at SHSU ever since I graduated high school, and I was looking forward to expanding my capabilities as a student at SHSU and a Cadet within the ROTC program.

From the first day in the program I knew that it was going to be very different from my previous experiences in life and was going to help me learn and grow as a leader from the lessons that ROTC shows me on a daily basis. There have been many challenges that ROTC has presented me with and has given me the tools and the knowledge to overcome them and continue to strive towards my personal goal of becoming a U.S. Army Officer. The program continues to support me and many other fine future leaders through the process of finding, expanding and challenging our abilities to make a difference in the world we live in, living up to our motto of “The Measure of a Life is its Service.”

I encourage anyone who is looking for a place that will challenge your comfort zone while building your abilities of leadership and perseverance to an achievable goal to talk with a member of the SHSU ROTC program. They’ll tell you what the program is really like; consider trying out the challenge for yourself.

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