Former First Lady Barbara Bush to be remembered by SHSU’s Peter Roussel

Former first lady, Barbara Bush, passed away at 92 years old. Peter Roussel, a longtime friend, White House press secretary, professor and Warner Endowed Chairman at Sam Houston State University, remembers Bush very fondly.

“I am proud to say that I have had nearly a 50 year professional and personal association with the Bush family,” Roussel said. “It’s a long time and lot of memories”

Roussel first met Bush in 1969 when he reported to President George H. W. Bush as his press secretary.

“I am greatly sorrowed by [her passing], and in many ways Barbara has been like my mother, “ Roussel said. “The first mother being named Dewey Roussel, and the second being Barbara Bush.”

He still has a picture of Bush and her husband from years ago, on the back she inscribed ‘Pete – such love from your number 2 Ma. – Bar’

“It touched me then, and to this day it touches me even more,” Roussel said. “Barbara Bush was one of the most sincere, genuine and down to earth people I have ever known.”

According to Roussel, he considers the Bush family the most humble “big shots” there are.

“Are they big shots? Yes,” Roussel said. “Do they act like it? No.”

Roussel is awaiting the details of Barbara’s funeral and plans to attend.

“To me her legacy is three things,” Roussel said. “The first is family. She was totally devoted to her family. The second, she cares. She truly cared about others, not about herself, but others. And lastly, she had a terrific sense of humor. In my view the world lost a shining light when it lost Barbara.”

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