Letter from SGA President David Eller

Hello Bearkats!

My name is David Eller, a Junior Interdisciplinary Agriculture major from Silsbee, Texas.

Throughout my time here at Sam Houston State University I have had the opportunity to serve you in many capacities. Out of all of the positions that I have held, I am beyond lucky, blessed and humbled to serve you as your next Student Body President here at SHSU. Coming from a small town and being a first-generation college student, I never dreamed of being in this position. It would only be right to give all of the credit to my family, friends, mentors and YOU! Your support of myself and my amazing administration was remarkable and made this entire process beyond worth it.

We faced many challenges throughout the process, but fought through it all with transparency, dignity and honesty because in the end we are all here for one reason, and that is to serve the students of SHSU. This year you will see a change in leadership, attitude and dedication to serve you and having your voice heard across campus. My administration and I are here to break the mold of many past administrations by being present throughout the year at many events, meetings and programs. We are here to represent you and that is exactly what we will do. Throughout this upcoming year my office door will always be open to you.

The one thing that I want to stress the most is that I am here to hear any comments or concerns that you may have, good or bad. This is the year for change, and most importantly, this is the year to take the step to unite our campus and to embrace the diversity that surrounds us. Be on the lookout for events such as “Bearkats United,” open forums and others that will be the ignition to the fire that we will light throughout all individuals, student organizations and SHSU administration. SGA will create positive change with these new events and initiatives, the continuity of programs and events that bring positivity, education opportunities and change to our campus each year.

If at any point you would like to contact me, please feel free to email me at dge004@shsu.eduor stop by the Student Government Association office in the Lowman Student Center suite 326. It is time to BE HEARD, Bearkats!

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