Cheap ways to a priceless summer

When thinking about the perfect summer time activities, it can be a bit overwhelming. Everyone is traveling and going places all around the world, but your struggle of finding something exciting to do is over.

Personally, I love the outdoors and anything that doesn’t break the bank account. Camping is the first thing that comes to mind. There is a place I visited recently that was really unique in Tool—located about two-and-a-half hours from Huntsville, right on Cedar Creek Lake, which is one of the top 5 biggest lakes in Texas. Although Tool is a small town, it is surrounded by other interesting towns, one of which is Gun Barrel, which has lots of great places to eat. If you are interested in fishing, this area has a wildlife park that has several piers where you can fish. Let me just say the bass there are huge! There is also a section where you can rent a canoe and take it around the lake. It is truly a sight to see full of different activities you can do. Lake Conroe, which is 30 minutes from Huntsville, also has a lot places to explore, and you can rent a canoe and enjoy the day on the water.

There are many state parks that are just a couple hours from Huntsville. Some parks have free admission, or at the most cost about five dollars, and the scenery is amazing. Another city full of wonders with perfect outdoor activities is Austin, and there are plenty indoor activities to do there as well. I went there last summer to two parks, one of which was only three dollars per person and the other one was free. Zilker Park in Austin has plenty of beautiful wildlife and picture worthy scenery. The park is great for everyone, there is plenty of nature to see and bicycling is big there—not to mention the ton of museums they have also, places to shop and most importantly the wonderful restaurants.

There are so many other things to do if you are looking for something inside and out of the sun. A city as close as Houston has so much offer from museums all around to great shopping centers full of your favorite things. The Contemporary Arts Museum, The Moody Center, Heritage Society Museum, as well as many more museums are available to browse through in Houston. The Market Square Park in Houston hosts movie screenings and other free events on summer nights. You can set sail on a 90-minute boat tour off the Port of Houston, as a guide informs you about the history of the seaport. The Discovery Green Park and Hermann Park also offer a wide variety of outdoor activities.

There are many local places to visit that do not require spending hundreds or traveling miles and miles to find the perfect summer place. It can be an hour away or 30 minutes away! Camping, swimming, picnics, bicycling, the beach, shopping, museums and boat riding are just some of the things that are close to this area and don’t have to cost you a dime.

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