Gone Phishing: Duo app offers more protection

Duo utilizes a function known as two-factor authentication— a method that allows the user to confirm their identity using two parts. The first part is when a user enters their username and password. The second part of this system requires the user to use their smartphone.

Users must confirm their identity to access Banner Self-Service in MySam and other administrative applications. Duo provides multiple options for a user to confirm their identity. These options are via text, phone call or by entering a six-digit passcode generated from a random sequence of numbers.

IT@Sam said that a recent cyber-attack on several SHSU employee accounts nearly succeeded in redirecting paychecks. After the incident, IT@Sam concluded that relying on passwords would not be sufficient in protecting employee accounts.

The only accounts that currently use the Duo two-factor authentication are those of faculty, staff and student workers. The university is currently in the process of evaluating and considering Duo two-factor authentication for all students, according to Associate Director of Communications Emily Binetti.

Aside from using Duo, IT@Sam recommends forwarding any suspicious looking emails to abuse@shsu.edu to help combat phishing.

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