Huntsville Library introduces ‘sittercise’

The Huntsville Public Library is offering “Sittercise” classes to help the community exercise regardless of physical ability. Many of the routines taught in this course are performed in a chair, making Sittercise an option for those with physical impairments. The program focuses on improving strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, endurance and overall function.

“Having the classes here makes it less intimidating to come to,” Huntsville Public Library’s Adult Services Coordinator Mary Kokot said. “The library is just more accessible to everyone and we love to see students and community members interacting and having a good time.”

The library started its Sittercise courses in January to help senior citizens and those with chronic illnesses stay active. According to Kokot, many of the attendees are older, but it is open to anyone.

The Huntsville Public Library also hosts a variety of other classes such as Pilates as well as beginner and intermediate Spanish and genealogy courses. Most courses offered through the library are free and attendees can jump in at any time.

“Our goal here at the library is to keep people engaged,” Kokot said. “Whether that is through exercise or learning a new language, people of all ages can benefit from any of our programs here at the library. “

The Huntsville Public Library hosts Sittercise every Tuesday and Thursday from 10 a.m.  to 11 a.m.

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