Philip DeFranco: The Man with a News Show

“What’s up you beautiful bastards” is the opening catchphrase from 32-year-old YouTube news and talk show host Philip DeFranco. DeFranco’s Monday through Friday show, “The Philip DeFranco Show (PDS),” covers worldwide topics spanning from politics to music and entertainment.

The PDS is a unique way for people to get their information about current affairs in the world, bringing a new experience and entertainment for individuals not generally interested in the mainstream news.

In a recent episode titled, “We Need to Talk about Why Prisoners in the U.S. are Striking…” he does a segment on a 3-week recurring prison strike, which lasts from Aug. 21 to Sept. 9. He gives a detailed and interesting point on whether prisoners should be counted for voting rights, given a death sentence with incarceration, a life sentence without parole and increase the wages for working while in prison. His ability to explain the issues and show how they are relevant to the viewer is profound and well-prepared.

Philip DeFranco also has a segment in an episode called “Debby Ryan Insatiable Scandal, South Africa Farmer Controversy, Jeff Sessions vs. Trump & More,” where he reports on the pressing issues in South Africa, where white farmers are reporting to having their land taken from them without compensation, which is the latest result of the Apartheid. It is a well-researched and eye-opening segment on the question ‘Should the government be allowed to take the land because of events that happened in the past?’

The Philip DeFranco Show offers a new way of watching the news. Furthermore, with a tool like YouTube, it allows the viewer to interact and discuss with the creator and a worldwide community that DeFranco highly encourages at the end of every video. You can currently catch up on his latest episodes where he talks about a variety of subjects, all of which I highly recommend.

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