Battling Mental Illness: “Fall” in Love with Yourself

The autumnal season has arrived, and it is time to “Fall in love” with yourself. This may sound cliché or corny, but it is the honest truth. September is Mental Health Awareness Month, and it is especially important for college students.

We get in this phase where we balance so much at once: class work, social activities and even a job. This does not always sound like a lot to juggle at one time, but once you are doing it you are not only taking a physical toll on your body, but also a mental one.

 Most of the time we try to handle absolutely everything on our own, but it is okay to ask for help. We even feel like we have become a burden to someone, but in reality, you have not imposed on anyone. People can be stubborn, but we have to realize when something is wrong we need to tackle the problem.

All it takes is talking to one person to make a difference. Not only does talking to someone allow you to relieve what you are going through, but you have invited someone else into the issue. Whoever is dealing with a mental health issue, it is perfectly normal. No one should make you feel alienated in any way, shape or form. Everyone struggles with something internally whether they choose to admit it or not.

Truly take this advice I am giving you. Go talk to someone who you confide in, and let the rest be history.

If you are not comfortable going to someone you know, the SHSU Counseling and Health Services is also a resource available to you.  You can make an appointment to see a counselor, and it is completely confidential. The most important thing is for you to avoid bottling up your emotions and thoughts. Let someone in on what is going on, and I guarantee they will help you.

Your mind may tell you not to let others in, but fight back with your heart and knock that negativity out the window. 

While college can be stressful, do not allow your headspace to be clouded any longer. Free your mind so you can set yourself free. Once you set yourself free, you will discover self-love. Fall in tune with yourself and see what makes you happy.

I know this process will not be easy, but it is worth a try. For anyone who is suffering, it gets better in due time; help is all around you. Do not be silent any longer. For anyone who knows someone struggling, be there for them in every way that you can. The simplest of words can make their day or improve their mood. We have to look out for one another, and ourselves. It is a new season. Let’s have a new mindset.

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