Swim Club Dives into SHSU

SHSU freshman Helen Hill dove headlong into organizing Sam Houston State University’s first swim club.

Hill is a former high school swimmer who created the club to fulfill her desire of going to a university with a swim team.

“I didn’t want to come to school and not swim anymore, because I knew I would lose that,” Hill says, adding that she also wanted to go to a university with a good teaching program.

“Because this is a great teaching school, I figured I would just start my own club,” she said.

The Bearkat Swim Club is currently a student organization. The organization must be active for a full semester before it can begin the process of becoming an official sports club, and must be a club for three years to elevate status once again.

“After those three years, [we] can apply to be a NCAA sport,” Hill said.

Hill is hopeful that the organization will eventually turn into a NCAA certified team that will bring opportunities to incoming students.

“Hopefully, at some point, we’ll get to that point where it’s an actual team sport here that people could come and have scholarships to swim on the team,” Hill said.

Practices are currently held at the Rec Center where four students can swim at a time. Available spots, open to any student, are secured by signing an electronic Sign Up sheet.

For more information contact Helen Hill: (346) 218-8319.

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