Houstonian Exclusive: 1-on-1 with Remus Bulmer

The following transcription is an exclusive, one-on-one interview conducted this week with redshirt running back Remus Bulmer (RB) and Houstonian Sports Editor Jordan Smith (JS).

JS: What exactly led to the decision [to transfer from SHSU at the end of this season]?

RB: I felt like I put everything into this program. I’ve done a lot of things. If you look at my numbers over the years, I was putting up pretty good numbers, and I wasn’t even having as many opportunities. I was just expecting to be that guy. With everything I’ve done and then being elected captain, it’s like I was sitting on the bench more this year than I ever have, and I just didn’t understand that. I was given no information on anything that I had done wrong. I was told to keep doing what I’ve been doing and that I’ve been doing good.

I just felt like I had to leave to better my future. It wasn’t something that I wanted to do, but I wanted to be able to get a shot because I came to play football. I want to go somewhere where I can get my carries up and show exactly what I can do because I’m looking on TV and guys are getting 20 or 25 [carries] and I’m like ‘Man, I should be doing this.’ I have a 6.3 [yards per carry] average this year and 5.6 my freshman year and I’m like ‘What would it be like if I had 20 carries?’

It was a hard decision, and I didn’t want to make it seem like it was selfish, but this is my senior year and the fact of the matter is that when everything is all said and done this year, no matter what happens players move on, and coaches are still gonna coach. I don’t want to live with regret like ‘I could have done this or I could have done that or I should have done this.’

But, they didn’t play me as much. So, it just didn’t sit right with me. I’d rather just go somewhere else and get those opportunities to show what I can actually do rather than sit it out and look back later in life and be like ‘Man, I actually could have done this but my coach didn’t allow me to.’ I don’t want to be that guy where I blame others. If it doesn’t work out for me [transferring and playing elsewhere], that’s fine. I gave it a chance and at least I gave it an opportunity.

JS: So, since you are graduating in December and will be transferring as a graduate student, does that have any effect? Is there a school that looks at graduate transfers more than others?

RB: If there is a school that will take me and they happen to have a grad program and everything for me, then I’ll definitely do it. As far as the decision, this is strictly a football decision. Like I said, I’m graduating in three and a half years. I just want to play ball. I do love school, and if football doesn’t work out I will go back and go for my master’s degree.

JS: I know that the news just broke, but are there any schools that you have on your mind?

RB: I actually have zero schools on my mind. I just got my permission to contact yesterday. So, I’m gonna get out and start contacting schools. Hopefully some schools start contacting me. I have a few coaches following me on Twitter. I just wanna go play. It has nothing to do with Sam Houston’s program or anything.

JS: Are you looking to move to the FBS or are you wanting to stay in the FCS?

RB: I know I’m not going to go down to Division II. I’m not sitting up here like ‘Oh, I’m gonna go to the FBS’ and those type of things. But, if there’s a school that hits me up and is like ‘Man, we really want you to come run the ball’ yes I’ll go. But, I’ll stay in the FCS. It’s no problem. Just simply want to go play ball and showcase my abilities.

JS: Now, I would have to assume you told the players and the coaches before the news broke. What was your message to them?

RB: A couple of guys already knew…how I was feeling and it was crazy because a lot of the guys actually supported the decision, and they knew exactly what I was talking about. They said that if they were in my shoes they would have done the same exact thing.

My teammates, guys that I work with everyday, the captains– they all pretty much agreed once I talked to them. The coaches haven’t talked to me too much. I don’t know too much how they feel about it. I was getting word that they thought it was because we lost. But, it has zero to do with that.

JS: Have you talked to the coaches much about it and told them your side of the story?

RB: We didn’t do too much talking. I talked to my running back coach and he really understood. I talked to the head coach [K.C. Keeler], and there was no talking. He just said ‘Ok, I’ll sign your papers’ and that was it. We didn’t really sit down and meet or anything.

JS: What do you want to tell Bearkat Nation?

RB: I just want to tell Bearkat Nation that I loved being here. I have nothing at all against Sam Houston. I would never bash the program or the players. 

JS: Is there anything else that you want to clear up because there are some people on social media questioning the decision?

RB: There really is not too much to clear up. It was one of those situations where you have to be in the person’s shoes and be there to understand it. Everyone has their opinion, but this is my life. It’s fresh out and everyone is going to feel how the feel, but in a week or two, no one is going to care.

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