Democracy Falls When Good Citizens Do Nothing

In the midst of one of the most divisive eras in American history, citizens need to be reminded that their voices, be them voices of dissent or approval, deserve to be heard now more than ever. What unites us as Americans is our inalienable right to vote—a right that, for many, has been long fought for and hard-won.

For some, the path to the polls has been notoriously littered with obstacles. Historically disenfranchised groups like women and African Americans had to spend years rallying to even get suffrage consideration. These obstacles did not disappear with each voting amendment to the constitution.

However, the way is cleared for voters now more than ever. Each person has the right to vote and should exercise that right, no matter the circumstances.

Especially in the wake of the last presidential election, many Americans are finding themselves increasingly disillusioned with the idea of voting. The candidate with the popular vote did not take office, leaving some citizens wondering why they should even bother voting in the first place.

This attitude is contagious in our society. If everyone starts to believe that their vote doesn’t count, if they stop voting, then, eventually, that belief will become a reality. The best way to assure the downfall of our democracy is to stop participating in it.

This nation was not founded on the idea of biting your tongue. This nation was founded by a group of wide-eyed revolutionaries who spoke their minds and fought for their rights no matter the consequences. We, however, are not in the same position as our country’s forefathers. You can get by in this world without doing much.

I see it every day in college students. You can tread choppy waters forever and barely keep your head above them. For many, that is enough. You don’t have to care. You don’t have to research any candidates, fill out any forms or walk yourself to the polls. But I would argue that it is your civic responsibility as a functioning, educated adult to care.

It is your responsibility to keep yourself informed so that you may be registered and prepared to vote. No matter how or for whom you vote, keep this country’s head above water. Keep the power to choose in the hands of the governed.

In this country, we all have choices. I implore you to make the wisest ones you can.

For a printable mail-in Walker County voter registration form, visit and click on the “Register to Vote” tab on the left side menu. You can also visit 1301 Sam Houston Avenue Suite 114 for in-person registry.

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